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US imposing sanctions on Iran after withdrawing from Nuclear deal

This could be understood that US is having some troublesome and neurotic situation which is not letting the US to stay tranquil and continues its routine work. 

Especially towards calm and quiet Iran, saying it is “just as a beginning” the US wants to prove that they have some really great trouble with Iran and its involvement in the region of Syria and Iraq. 

After the ouster of the previous sanctions imposed by US, UN, and EU under the joint comprehensive Plan of Action. Mr. Pompeo this time threatened the Iranian government while urging for the 12 demands for the betterment of Iran, according to him.

He insisted that Iran should put a full stop  supporting the Hezbollah, Hamas and It must withdraw its forces from Syria, whom Syrian government and especially people of Syria called for their help fighting ISIS/ISIL there. He also stated that Iran government should stop its involvement from Iraq and respect Iraq’s government sovereignty while disarming the Shia militias there.

Another desire expressed by Mr. Pompeo that IAEA that is International Atomic Energy Agency should be allowed to inspect everywhere in Iran, this was also done when removing the previous sanctions early this month by Donald Trump but maybe IAEA was not able to monitor the proper movement and utilization of Uranium, Plutonium and other radioactive elements or maybe the US creating some impediment  for the accomplishment of its the other goals.

Other wishes include the closure of Heavy water reactors, release some US citizens, end ballistic missile, and etc.

Hassan Rouhani the Iranian president  initially reacted and rejected the demands made, He said “Who are you to decide for Iran and the world? The world today does not accept America to decide for the world, as countries are independent, we will continue our path with the support of our nation,” as quoted by ILNA news agency.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif also Tweeted that Iran is already working towards the solutions of the post-US-JCPOA but the US is repeating same wrong choices that will bring ill rewards.

Let’s hold back with wide open eyes and ears to observe the next step of the diplomats towards peace or towards war?

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