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US-North Korean subterfuge Diplomacy

It is unclear if the Art of the deal will work, but US president’s incessant alacrity and appetite to take risks had mixed results in the past. Trump’s foreign policy malpractices and his recalcitrant posture towards international norms has debunked American position on the global spectrum and reduced the American unipolar dominance from slapstick to drollery.

Recent unilateral withdrawal from joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) amid upcoming nuclear talks with North Korea has not only struck and impeded engagement policy and détente but paved way for subterfuge diplomatic norms. Iran Nuclear deal has been scrapped as a result of his campaign promises.

Ever since Trump has been elected to the oval office, the most powerful man has become a reality show star.US president’s temptation to cater and reflect to the demands of its followers or twitterati, essentially overrides the required judgment to chart a complex and intricate course in harmony with the purposes of lasting impact.Although! Diplomacy has failed at the hands of partisan rhetoric; Trump is embarking upon writing another nuclear deal-with North Korea.

 In the recent months, following incessant commotion and sabre-rattling, Trump has reckoned his policy toward North Korea as a success and acknowledges that his unusual combination of insults and crippling economic sanctions ostensibly appears to have brought Kim to the table, 

Yet American pressure is probably not the only factor driving North Korean leader Kim Jong  to bargain, nor is there much reason to believe that Pyongyang is ready to completely destroy and dismantle its nuclear infrastructure. Trump’s ambiguous assumptions and chimerical expectations could doom the prospects for peacefully deescalating one nuclear standoff — and applying these misguided lessons to Iran could manufacture yet another. 

In a recent development! contrary to the high hopes,Kim Jon Un's threats to cancel the Singapore Summit,which is due on june 12 is no surprise for political pundits and commentators."Provocative military disturbances" amid US-South Korean military drills is the emblem of Trump administration's failed nuclear diplomacy.Adding fuel to the fire"dotard" Trump responds with fire and fury to exacerbate the situation;threatened the North Korean Kim Jong Un  with the same fate as Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, if the deal is not brokered on North Korea's nuclear weapons program.Such remarks and threats  in the midst of negotiations process for the upcoming Singapore summit is anathema. Albeit it is speculated that North Korean actions and threats were not surprising.They make their way straight from the Kim Jong Il playbook- on negotiations: "Raise expectations of a diplomatic breakthrough, cancel/suggest Pyongyang might cancel the meeting and then push for more concessions to have the meeting"Anthony Ruggiero, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Trump, since in the office continues to deprive American policy of its context and foresight, required on terms compatible with their historical character, remains aloof to the idea that  it will make it harder to convince North Korea that Washington  will live up to any commitments brokered as part of an agreement to remove nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula.

Trump might be generating a crisis where there wasn’t one. According to the International Atomic and Energy Agency(IAEA) even Iran  limited its capacity to enrich uranium, and by going back on the U.S. part of the bargain, Trump may be risking that. Trump’s action doesn’t automatically end the deal —, Germany, France, China, Russia and the U.K. were also signatories of the deal and have said they would continue to adhere to the terms.The Singapore summit is bound to fail if white house is undecided about diplomatic protocols and the art of deal.Trump cannot bully his way through  to secure nuclear deal neither with North Korea nor Iran.

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