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US to end regular military exercises in South Korea says Trump

The unprecedented talks between the US President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un ended with new bonds of friendship but vague promises to curb the nuclear capabilities of North Korea. For Trump, the outcome of the summit was a triumph for the United States in the extraordinary gamble played by him. President Trump went as far as ending the regular military exercises with South Korea. Whether the summit will end North Korea's nuclear program will be ascertained in the next few years. However, the summit makes the norm-shattering and gut-driven tenure of President Trump even more prominent. According to Trump, he established a special bond with Kim over the summit and that both of them wanted to do something which will make people very happy. The document signed by both Trump and Kim highlighted that Kim will ensure the complete withdrawal of North Korea from the nuclear program and Trump agreed to provide security guarantees 


However, there was not a single mention of the stance previously taken by the United States which called for the verifiable, irreversible and complete denuclearization of North Korea. The most critical aspect of the summit was that Trump extolled a personal bond with a brutal dictator who is responsible for the deaths of American citizensOtto Warmbier, who was returned in the state of a coma, later died after going to North Korea on a study tour. Trump further stated that the death of Otto was conducive to the summit in Singapore with Kim.  


The summit started with both the leaders shaking hands in front of a row of US and North Korean flags which initiates a new chapter in the acrimonious relations of the two countries. Even Trump stated that the US relations with the Korean Peninsula will drastically change in the future. When Mr. Trump was asked about the brutal and rogue regime run by Kim, he kept on touting the abilities of Kim to run an entire country at a very young age. Even Kim acknowledged the surreal nature of the summit and declared it as akin to a science fiction movie. 

Both the leaders were seen laughing over the lunch. Trump also went as far as producing a video to convince Kim to leave his nuclear program and open the country to foreign investment. He even showed that video to him on his iPad. It sure was surreal to see the leaders of two countries with hostile relations in the past get along so well in futuristic Singapore.

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