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US to veto the upcoming UN resolution for the ‘Protection of Palestinians’.

The permanent representative of  United States in UN Nikki Haley stated on Thursday that the US will “unquestionably veto” the ‘International protections’ for the protection of the Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

Haley in her statement expressed the views said it as a one-sided approach that is morally bankrupt, and this act would undermine the ongoing efforts toward peace between Israel and Palestinian. Hamas’s name was not mentioned in the resolution which ignited the Haley to bring such efforts which cause a severe damage to this approach, she said resolution failed to mention the Hamas, an Islamist governing group in Gaza, and its latest round of rocket launches targeted  Israel.

The draft resolution's basic demand was to carry out measures and United Nations Security Council must take some strong actions to guarantee the safety and  protection of the civilians living in Palestine after the massacre committed by Israel, wounding several and killed more than 120 people in a recent clash at the Gaza strip. It also urged the Chief of UN Antonio Guterres to establish an “International Protection Mechanism” to safeguard the life of the Palestinians.

Kuwait was the country that put the resolution forward representing the Arab countries at the United Nations Security Council. Thursday was the chosen day to vote upon the resolution, but  threats of veto postponed the resolution. According to the Associated Press, the draft resolution criticized too the firing of rockets from the Gaza strips at Israeli civilian areas.

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