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Waqar Zaka : Misunderstood Philanthropist?

Often misunderstood for his antics, and the way he presents himself to the world, Waqar Zaka stands as a trendsetter, a creator, a helper, a philanthropist and for the youth an icon.

Having graduated with a bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi Waqar Zaka operates in a field extremely different from what his resume might suggest. He has a Masters Degree in Television and Film from the world famous New York Film Academy which more or less advocates for his talents on its own. He came into the limelight in 1997 with his song "Nahi parha meinay poora saal". 

Through his work Waqar Zaka has introduced a new dynamic and new areas to the entertainment industry of Pakistan and other countries. His innovative content and ideas have been loved, and have entertained millions because unlike the others what Mr.Zaka has brought to us is without a doubt, different. Shows like XPOSED which was the first TV show with the concept aimed not only to expose crime happening in Pakistan but a criminal based show where the host does not only discuss issues and helps solve issues on the individual basis , Desi Khuriyan which focused on urban females facing eastern village life , King of Street Magic which gave a platform to Pakistani paranormal investigators to illusionists butthe show got banned due to its controversial fights between the magicians and Living on the edge represents the versatility of Waqar Zaka, as what he has introduced has without a doubt reached magnanimous heights, so much that as per reports the basic idea behind the famous Indian television show Roadies has been derived from Waqar Zaka's Living on the edge ; a show to represent the daredevil attitude of the people in front of the ultimate daredevil himself. 

Despite his aptitude, Waqar Zaka has been true to not only himself but to his followers as well when it comes to the content he has made. On being asked why he rejected the role in the famous television show Jeeto Pakistan, Waqar said; "I cannot copy Aamir Liaquat, it’s not my genre." His efforts of promoting talented people and giving them a platform are also well known. Along with his content he brought the concepts of sound effects, after the break and editing the show which changed the platform as well as the way we view television shows immensely. 

What distinguishes Waqar Zaka from the rest is his desire to do good, to help those in need and above all to present and promote Pakistan in front of the entire world. His achievements go unnoticed due to bias against him but as a nation we should we proud of his achievements and his efforts that he has made. His active social welfare struggles has took him to Syria and Mynammar where he helped relocate the struggling and troubled residents into better living conditions. He has an active voice against those who do wrong,especially by girls ; and has helped several victims of cases such as acid being thrown on them or those being threatened by illegal means. He has been their voice, their helper and saviour. For his efforts, he was honoured and given an award by Abdul Qadeer Khan in 2017. While many of the world is accustomed to the term "bitcoin" these days, few fail to acknowledge that Waqar Zaka was the pioneer of the bitcoin market in Pakistan since 2013. Today, in an another proud feat for the country he has his own coin by the name of "tenup". 

Since 2016, Waqar Zaka has given his fans the unique opportunity to get close to him, talk to him and witness his life with their own eyes through his snapchat account. A unique and strange decision by a world known celebrity. Such an effort to get his fans deeply involved speaks volumes about the amount of love and affection he has for his fans and followers, despite the negativity and hatred he gets in return at times. The Snapchat account is a free education school, with worldwide information, information that is helping and perspectives given out with the thought of sharing it with the world, with out any self gain instead of more love and respect. The social network kings Facebook, selected Waqar Zaka amongst 12 others to test the new Facebook live feature  of having advertisements. Waqar Zaka being the only Asian in the list. His life adventures and experiences motivates the people and the youth to do better and to enjoy life simply. He started the concept of travel logs in 2010 through his youtube channel in another attempt to educate the masses, and thus became the first ever Pakistani celebrity to be approached by the founders of the "LINE"app to help them create and promote their application.

Waqar Zaka is a sensation for the youth, and a proud citizen of Pakistan. His works and efforts have had one primary goal ; to make Pakistan be respected and known in the world, as per his beliefs he is a representative of Pakistan. It is however onto us that we should honour him, his achievements, and most importantly encourage him to continue doing the good and the work he has done and has been doing. It is onto us to acknowledge him, and to make him believe that we as a whole are proud of him and support him.

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