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Watch out for Taurus: Why It's hard to love them

It’s always a great challenge to love Taurus as they are known to be hard-nosed. But, they can prove as best companions because of their distinct innate qualities of being trustworthy, responsible, practical and dedicated. 

Here are the reasons why it’s tough to get on with a Taurus but also worth it.

1. They are stubborn

They are inflexible in their opinions, choices and relationships. They show suppleness only to the special ones. 

2. They can’t accompany drama

People who try to push toward themselves are simply hated by Taurus. Individuals in a fake relationship with Taurus may find them as an angry bull.

3. They are not worthless dates 

Taurus persons are fond of luxury and is one main thing that keeps them happy and going. 

4. They are lethargic 

The most favorite hobby of Taurus is to enjoy their own space at home in a cosy bed and warm blanket. A nice movie and cup of coffee will serve as a cherry on the top.

5. They disapprove being taken for granted 

Taurus will notice immediately if people take advantage of them. Although they are naturally benevolent and obliging people but prefer keeping a borderline. 

6. They are much concerned about rejection issues 

Taurus are loaded with insecurities from inside and act clingy if the it is sensed in their relationship. 

7. They take time in getting committed 

Taurus persons closely observe a person’s gestures and personality and then consider getting into a relationship. Unfortunately, this process is never too fast. 

8. Jealousy and possessiveness are main traits 

Taurus individuals are strongly committed to their partners but don’t trust them all the time. Jealousy may also persist in relationships with Taurus. 

9. One might find them boring 

Taurus people love their routines and others associated with them may not find them adventurous partners.

10. Look out when a Taurus is angry

Taurus are blessed with a long fuse but when a person reaches to its end a sea of negative emotions is likely to burst through an awfully sharp tongue which may drive people away. 

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