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What to eat today? My 5 favorite picks at Subway to eat fresh and healthy

My top 5 favorite picks at Subway- Eat Fresh 

Subway always serves you fresh and healthy with your own choice of flavor, selected veggies, and favorite sauces to have the best sandwich to fulfill your hunger. I have tried most of the flavors at subway and my favorites picks are following.  

Chicken Teriyaki

I love food that has a lot of spicy taste in it and Subway’s teriyaki is quite spicy for me. I actually love how their proportions are always fixed so it will never be like you have been served less or more than last time. Everything is well fresh from stuffed flavor to veggies and serving.

The best part is you have more than 5 choices in sauces to go with your sandwich flavor.

The sauces include Thousand island, BBQ sauce, South-west, Chilli sauce, yellow mustard, sweet onions, mayonnaise and olive oil.

 It is subway’s popular flavor so you can have it on Saturday in the flavor of the day deal for 280 Rs.

Peri Peri Chicken

This flavor includes small chicken cubes marinated in red spice, you can choose your choice of bread first then your flavor, veggies, and sauces. I like my bread toasted, so I choose sesame over other bread and I always prefer to have the toasted one. Peri-Peri chicken is my pick when I want to have all spicy with BBQ sauce.


Tuna subway sandwich is very fresh and the healthiest choice on the menu. It is very light and healthy to eat with your favorite veggies having one or two sauce to give a different taste to your taste buds. If you are not up for anything too spicy or saucy then go with the simple and healthy choice of Tuna. You can have a Tuna sandwich in flavor of the day on Thursday.

Oven Roasted Chicken

Subway gives you an option of having roasted chicken if you don’t like it simply marinated in different sauces or flavors. This sandwich has its own unique taste where the chicken gets quite crispy and it is the best with Thousand Island, Southwest and BBQ Sauce. You can get it in only 280 RS if you choose to eat on Tuesday.

Chicken Tikka

No matter if it is in BBQ choice, pizza flavor or Subway Sandwich, Chicken Tikka is always the sweet spot to hit with. As we know we can never go wrong with Subway’s chicken tikka flavor. 

Simply, just choose your bread preference, get it toasted and select your veggies plus sauces. You are good to eat the whole 6-inch subway sandwich all alone.

 Personally saying it if you love this flavor or just want to try it then wait for Monday and get it in flavor of the day to save few rupees and thank me later. Jk.

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