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What's waiting for you in the Saidpur Village, Islamabad

While travelling, every one looks out for the most stunning, enjoyable and time-worthy places to visit, whether its for enjoyment or for its historical features. We believe that every place has some historical element that gratifies the aspect of beauty it contains. Islamabad has to be one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan and, lets not forget, the most peaceful one too. (Pun-intended) 

Keep your to-do-list up to date because here is what we're going to present to you, a place that will give you one of the best experiences that you will always remember. Whether you are a food lover, or want a beautiful view with scrumptious food or a person who loves architectural and historical features of a place, WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED!

If you really want to experience the historic beauty that Islamabad possesses, then the first place that comes to our mind is SAIDPUR VILLAGE!!  If you're looking for a rustic, uncultured break from all the glitzy malls and bazaars in Islamabad, then you need to visit this stunning village that will give you a hands-on experience into the village life in the 21t century Life. Zigzagging from the Margalla Hills and onto the Daman-I-Koh viewpoint, this square-roofed village provides you an insight of a Hindu Temple and a Gurdwara. 

An interesting fact about this village is that it was remodelled in 2006 as a tourist spot with renovated walkways and was named under Sultan Said Khan who was the son of Sultan Surang Khan who was the Gakhar chief of the Pothohar region at the time of Mughal Emperor Babur.

Feel relaxed and laid back on the bethaks that surround the food area with tables joined for you to have an exciting and relaxing time with your family as you enjoy your meals with a beautiful view of the Margalla Hills. Topped with the greenery-too beautiful for a sight and kids running back and forth wishing and greeting you in their village. The staff working there provides you an inside tour of their kitchens to show how they prepare those scrumptious meals on the menu.

High quality restaurants like the Des Pardes  and Dera Pakhtoon provide you with delicious dishes of your own choice; desi tarka, spicy tandoori dishes and shahi khanay. 


Des-Pardes Tikka Boti menu is one of our favorites which includes a variety of tikkas from Rang Mahal Tandoori chops to the tastiest Kasturi Murgh Tikka. The Des Pardes deals with other kinds of cuisines too from Chinese to Continental. If you are a pure Pakistani, you would love the Lahori spices glazed on all its desi khanay. 

Note that the best experience comes when you visit this place in between the noon and the evening timings, especially when everything is visible and the scorching sunlight is not there to bug you (in the summers!)  

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, lets not forget the great photo-shoots of you with your friends and family with the breathtaking background of the Margalla foothills and spectacular scenery. 

This is how the Saidpur Village looks from the Margalla Hills;

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