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Why Imran Khan is the Last Hope for the People of Pakistan?

Imran Khan’s political party “Pakistan Movement for Justice” -Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf was never so popular as it’s these days and that’s because of people’s trust in Imran Khan and his agenda to bring reforms in Pakistan as soon as he gets into power. It has been over 60 years since Pakistan was created and we have come a long way in terms of development, reforms and strengthening our country. But the elite and political parties, most of those who have been in power more than twice, did give nothing to the people of Pakistan. All the political parties and their members have looted this country, have been involved in money laundering, making money by hook and crook and depriving people of their basic rights. 

Now when Pakistan is losing its image at all international forums and platforms, there seems to be one guy who can rebuild the tarnished images and make the people of this country stand on their feet and that’s none other than Imran Khan. He has never been in power, was elected the member of National Assembly a few times, and may have limited knowledge of politics and reforms but at least he is not dishonest, money launderer and a thief. He was trialed in the court and he submitted every proof of his income, properties and assets even without holding a public office. Isn’t it something that shows his honesty with the people of this country and his fans? 

This is a long debate whether to trust Imran Khan or not but we are left with no other option at the moment. He was given power in once province and he has been successful in delivering the basic facilities of health, education, law and order and has brought tremendous reforms in police department. KPK’s police is undoubtedly the best, the most professional and has the utmost sense of responsibility. 

We must understand federal government holds the capital allotted to province and because of his tussle with the ruling party, his government in KPK was not given enough, yet they have done a great job using the available sources.

It  may be wrong to have a stance of why we should support and stand by Khan but honestly no other political party or leader deserves our vote. At one point the ruling parties have a slogan to “respect the vote” and at the other hand they are never in a position to respect the voter. No political party has invested in the people of Pakistan rather they have been more interested in infrastructure, roads, bridges, flyovers and development that lets them sell products being manufactured in their own factories. 

Khan has come like the only hope for the people in Pakistan and we have to vote for this man. Khan has been under extreme criticism for letting every corrupt person join his Justice Movement but let me say that he has failed after allotting tickets to the young, the most credible and the most educated faces of Pakistan in the last elections. He has one and only option to come into power with help of the electable, initiate the change from his own party members, devise a system to channelize funds and give nothing in the hands of MNAs and MPAs except the basic responsibility as a legislature. 

Khan’s political party has made their agenda public in last month’s grand meeting in Lahore and Khan proposed an 11-point agenda to change the face and destiny of this country. He is going to invest the most in education, health, accountability, environmental protection and law and order and this is what no other party in the past dared investing in any of the sectors. We have no respect in any other country and that’s the outcome of voting of the wrong people.

Former prime minister Nawaz has recently caused a huge drama in Pakistan’s politics by saying Pakistan sponsors terrorism and terrorists from Pakistan carried out Bombay attacks by killing 150 innocents.

Can any other country’s three-times prime minister even think of making such comments? These guys have nothing for us and they only come in power to destroy this country, sabotage the institutions and defame Pakistan in the whole world.We have enough resources to run Pakistan without any foreign aid and it’s possible under the great leadership of Imran Khan.

He is extremely against corruption and misuse of power and he will fix most of the issues within 100 days of his power. We have to vote, if not for Khan then for someone else, so why not we just take the most courageous step and vote for the person who is fighting for us for long 22 years without having any personal gains? NEW PAKISTAN is waiting for us but that requires us to use our vote for KHAN and it’s like now or never game.

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