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Why Is #DesiDulha The Only Hope For Us Girls After We Graduate?

Meri pyaari behnoun aur hadharaam bhiyoun!

Aaj ka topic ye naacheez discuss krnaa chaah rhi hee around the “Desi Dulha” plan that our parents and family start planning the moment they find our graduation nearing.  

Why it seems so important to book a guy and kick us out the moment we plan to sit, relax and work on our career even in the 21st century. 

So here are all those #annoyingthings that we have to hear once we clear the educational war and graduate successfully.

Tareef  Kum Aur Shaadi- Shaadi Zayada Hoti He 

The first deflector that we get the moment our graduation date nears is, “bus aub tyarii kro”.

“Mein tou ladkaa dhondene k lea dou nafal mang loun. Shukar he eis moiee parhaiee mukaamal huwi.” 

Mum – why do you say this? 

Daughters also want to showcase their success and be someone that wants to be praised and regarded as a souvenir in short.  

Aub Tou Hum Ladka Dohndein Ge Bus

Matlab k kuch bhi? 

Like seriously mom n dad? 

We have worked so hard to get to this point when we can really be your sahara and you plan otherwise? 

If a guy graduates, he gets the best wishes and remarks to stay calm and focus on finding a good opportunity. 

Whereas, with us girls, the statement is something like, “Tayarii krlo bus aglee dou-teen maheenoun mein hie tumhare haath peelee krdene humne”. 

As if that was all that we cared about L

Aglaee Ghar Jaa Kar Aub Naukri krna 

Once again, like seriously?  Mommie dearest this is not something your girl wants to do at the moment. 

As far as naukri is concerned, 

we were of the view to earn something and make our career to be more confident. 

Not someone who is just going to be a maid once married. 

Magar kya krein?

Yeh jo sare zamaane ki free aunties hein – yeh bhi tou kaan khaa jati hein faltu k rishty dikhaa dikha k. 

We want to marry with someone for making memories, not for the sake of uske ghar ja k bartun dhoona only.

Sudhar Jao Warna Saas Kya Kahee Gi Tumhari!

This is the most absurd statement of the century. 

Like why is our saas so free to only have us on her firing radar? Is she a saas just because she has the upper hand of being the mum of a guy? 

Can’t she be nice, sweet and caring and make us walk along as we go together on the saas-bahu journey? 

And furthermore, is her only agenda is to criticize us? She can treat us like her own daughter and we in return can replicate the feelings along as we go.

Tumhari Saarii Doostun K Tou Nikkah Aur Bachae Bhi Ho Gaee! 

Why the above-stated quote is considered as our fault? 

Bhai ounka naseeb aur unki qismat – why blame us or complain to us about it? 

We are glad that they did get married and are happy being mums to little munchkins. 

However, this is not something on our priority list or something that we look forward to doing anytime soon. 


We also want to pursue our career to the next level and see how we reshape our future. 

Can’t we girls see the sky with a purpose instead of just praying for a Shareef desi dulha only?  

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