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Wi-Fi devices and their effects!

Internet is the need of this era. Having WiFi devices around the houses, offices and schools is a necessity. It’s being said that the these devices are having mal effects on our bodies.

This maybe a little controversial as there are two opnions when it comes to WIFI being safe or not.

Some scientist has certified it completely being safe while on the other side it's hazardous effects are being emphasized.

Always being safe then sorry is better. Wifi have it's bad effects. An immediate illness is obviously not caused by it but the long term bad effects can not be swept under the carpet.

WiFi long term exposure can interfere with our bodies which can eventually progress into cancer or other nuero issues.

 It is necessary that we should reduce it's use as much as possible. When not in use the devices should be turned off to minimize it's effects. It's recommended to turn it off before going to bed as it can cause interference with our brain just turning it off at the night time cut off 33% of it's exposure.


No doubt technology has made us go wireless. The trouble of cables have long gone. We can do every work remotely be it turning on the TV or starting the coffee machine or even monitoring a baby. These wireless signal are also exposing us to unknown level of radiations.

For people living in urban areas it’s impossible to completely eliminate Wi-Fi exposure but few measures can be taken to reduce it’s harmful effects. The Wi-Fi signal exposure cause a build up of positive ions in our bodies that results in inflammation. To regulate the exposure of negative ions is very essential which can be done by using Himalayan salt lamp or an ion generated in your home.

Standing bare foot for 20 minutes or more time on floor also called earthing can also equalize the positive ions.

Installation of dirty electricity filters are also recommended as it manipulate the dirty electricity caused by these Wi-Fi devices.

It is suggested that one should avoid the use of wireless devices or to minimize the timings as much as possible to save the human health.

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