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Will Qandeel Baloch Fail To Get The Deserved Justice Once Again?

The brutal murder of Qandeel Baloch shocked the world in 2016. 

This was another honor killing in the name of saving honor. Just because a woman was trying to raise her voice and earn money by not following the norms of society. However, this topic itself is another debate for another time. 

This time her case has taken a turn towards a direction which none was expecting. 

Her Parents Have Shared Maafinaama!

Yesterday the news broke on the internet that her parents are ready to forgive their son Waseem Azeem. 

This guy openly agreed in front of the justice system and media of killing his sister and also how he did it. The parents of the deceased have shared an affidavit in the courts for the purpose. 

And, this is the second affidavit submitted by Qandeel's parents.

There Is More!

Father Wants His Sons Over His Daughter

But, State Law Denies This Petition! 

More Praise For The Courts

Let us see how will poor Qandeel get justice! Let us for once stand together and support our courts for a good decision. 

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