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With Common Sense Not Being Common - Here Is To Another LOL Post!

We were honestly of the view that our neighbors had the literal sense of creating public jokes. 

But, recently we have been highly motivated by our governmental ruling figures what with some of the serious, exact and precise WTF moments to literally LOL out moments!

And trust us these are hilarious! 

And Kasamse we honestly thought to not make fun of it, but couldn't help treating you all to an over the top LOL post 

So, Where Were We?

Oh Yeah! With the Climate minister Zartaj  Gul and her oh so not funny commonsense going to RIP. Guys, here is the complete story. The minister had the common sense to praise PM on a recent public appearance. 

Here she thought it would really sound cheesy of she gave Imran Khan the credit for such good weather and of course the rain, and the snow. And, truth be told our awaam wasn't too forgiving either. 

Wait! Hear this on your own and tell us if we heard her feelings wrong?

Mutlub K Kuch Bhi Keh Sakte Hein?

We are actually concerned here, as in can we actually go up above the world so high and say whatever we think makes sense to us alone? 

Koi toofaan aaiee ya jaaiee humein kia Imran Khan hein na! 

Weather change ho ya na ho, but yes barish and baraf unki he waja se he! 

And, if the truth be told - our awaam has been spot-on for spotting the fun this simple statement had. 

And, here is the treat for your eyes too!

Then there is one more the LOL out reply

Honestly, This Didn't Just End Here

We Also Got A Shushka Type As Well! 

S0, Awaam? What do you think will the summers be hot or IK will take care of it?

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