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WWE Superstar John Cena reconciles with fiance Nikki Bella

John Cena is a one of the biggest superstars of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) industry. He is a professional wrestler who has been around for almost two decades now. His unique style of wrestling and charming personality has won him great praise and admiration of the audiences.

In the past few years, John Cena has not only been in the news for his exceptional professional career but has also stayed in the limelight for his personal life. He has famously been in a living relationship with fellow WWE wrestler and Diva – Nikki Bella.

The Bella Twins made their debut in WWE in the early 2010’s. Nikki Bella caught the eye of Cena and both have ever since been happily in love. They were always very vocal and very open about their relationship. It was only last year in WrestleMania 2017 when John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella for marriage.

The couple was over the moon with happiness and happily setting dates along with prepping for a May wedding in 2018. However, everyone was left shocked when they both called the wedding off and broke their engagement in late April – just a few days away from marriage. The reason that was cited for the breakup was that John Cena who is divorced, is not ready to have children. Nikki on the other hand does not want to give up on the joys of motherhood, even if this means she had to leave the love of her life.

The one thing that was very obvious post their breakup was that neither was happy. The fans were equally heart broken. After a few weeks, John sat an interview in which he confessed how much he missed Bella and wanted to get back together with her.

When Nikki was asked for her opinion, she expressed her shock at the matter saying she was surprised because John has not directly contacted her yet but she did admit her love for him.

This past weekend was a happy weekend for the couple and all WWE fans because John Cena and Nikki Bella have finally reconciled. John has also went on record saying is ready to start a family with Nikki as soon as she is! *Aww*

It seems like the love birds couldn’t stay apart for long. Nevertheless, we wish the happiness and hope they get married sooner than later.

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