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Yahoo Messenger to Shut Down on July 17

Fortune reported that Yahoo has decided to shut down its 2-decade-old Yahoo Messenger on July 17. The statement issued by the company says Yahoo Messenger still has a good number of loyal fans but it will be discontinued in favour of other messaging apps that better fit the users’ needs. 

So far, the company has not announced any replacement of the messaging app but plans to introduce one after testing and experiments. It’s important for the Yahoo Messenger users to know the company is offering its users to download and protect their messaging history. The users will visit another website to download the history within six months after it’s shut down.

Yahoo Messenger was first introduced in 1998 when the internet messaging apps were just emerging. But with the passage of time, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other instant messengers surpassed Yahoo Messenger in popularity. In 2015, Yahoo tried for the last time to save its messenger when the company released a new version of Yahoo Messenger. But the users have become more addictive to other apps and thus an era of great service comes to an end. 

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