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Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai Bhai? The Pakistan Cabinet Being Shuffled?

There have been some major shifts recently in the Pakistani Cabinet. One thing started with the other. And, no doubt that our PM is extra smart - but people think otherwise. 

But the good news is that this is a very small amount, and can be looked-off easily. 

Whereas, the ones who believe him says "Imran Khan Ko bohat kuch pata he jo humein nahi pata". 

And, with just this, they start behaving as if they and PM are the lifelong buddies. 

Anyhow This Is Not What We Wanted To Tell You!

Yep, roger that! 

As our all-time favorite goora comedian, Jeremy McLellan is going to handle Asad Umar ka title and become our new minister. 

Don't believe us? Read below! 

Jeremy Agreed After Asad Umar Resigned. 

And here is the official wala Tweet letter from the ex-finance minister.

And, This Isn't All Either 

Once again roger that as well. 

Kyunki agla number Fawad Chaudhry Sahab ka thaa. 

And, how could Jeremy not come forward to help the Pakistani government? 

But This Joke Doesn't End Here

Well yes, like for example the Shireen Mazari not being aware of Asad's resignation and being so not in the political game. 

See here how she gives the most hilarious and awkward response because unse zayada tou humein pata he

Ultimately, The Last Pun Was Fawad Chaudhry's Resignation

This also was something we were being we (Yani k Pakistani) were and are surprised of. 

Ho kya raha he aakhir? Kislea etna shuffle chul raha? 

Daal mein kuch tou kala he - let's get CID to check. Kuch toh garbar hai Daya - What say?


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